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Members of our Institute



  1. Ioan HORGA, Project Director, University of Oradea
  2. Istvan SÜLI ZAKAR, Project Co-Director, University of Debrecen
  3. Mircea BRIE, Project Manager of Financial Resources, Head of Departement for International Relations and European Studies, University of Oradea
  4. Mariana BUDA, University of Oradea Assistant Editor (French)
  5. Florentina CHIRODEA, Project Manager of Marketing and Indexation of the IERS Products
  6. Cosmin CHIRIAC, IT Assistant
  7. Cristina DOGOT, Assistant Editor "Eurolimes"
  8. Dorin DOLGHI, Project Manager of Master in Management of European Security
  9. Kozma GÁBOR, Project Manager for RLA Partnership in Romania and Hungary
  10. Edina MESZAROS, Assistant Publications of IERS
  11. Mirela MARCUT, Secretary of the IERS and for PhD students
  12. Dana PANTEA, Project Manager for European Studies and Assistant Editor (English)
  13. Istvan POLGAR, Project Manager in Regional Development Training, University of Oradea
  14. Adrian POPOVICIU, Project Manager for RLA Partnership in Romania
  15. Sorin ŞIPOŞ, Project Manager of Research Activities of IERS
  16. Luminiţa ŞOPRONI, Project Manager of Master Regional Development and Institutional Communication
  17. Alina STOICA, Project Manager of Intenational Relations of IERS
  18. Constantin ŢOCA, Project Manager of Practical Activity of IERS
  19. Elena ZIERLER, Editorial Assistance of publications of IERS and WEB administrator


  1. George ANGLIŢOIU, Lecturer at National School of Political and Administrative Sciences Bucharest
  2. Ciprian BARNA , Project Manager Expert, Oradea Metropolitan Area
  3. Alina BÂRGĂOANU , National School of Political and Administrative Sciences Bucharest
  4. Iordan Gheorghe BĂRBULESCU, Professor “Jean Monnet” National School For Political Sciences and Administrative Studies, Bucharest
  5. Mihai BERINDE, Title holder of the "Jean Monnet" Module in Trade and European Trade Policy, University of Oradea
  6. Stephan BIELANSKI, Head of MCNB "Mediterraneum", Instytut Politologii Pedagogical University of Cracow (Poland)
  7. Cristina BLANCO SIO LOPEZ , Scientific Manager, Center for Virtual European Knowledge (CVCE), Luxembourg
  8. Renaud de la BROSSE, President Action & Research Group in the European Neighborhood Policy (GRAPEV) and Head of Centre d'Etude Remois des Relations Internationales, Universite de Reims
  9. Adrian IVAN, Professor "Jean Monnet" at University Babes-Bolyai Cluj-Napoca
  10. Fabienne MARON, Scientific Manager of International Institute for Administrative Studies Bruxelles
  11. Gergely CSAKBERENYI-NAGY, University of Debrecen
  12. Diana CARMACIU, Lecturer of the Faculty of Law, University of Oradea
  13. Simion COSTEA, University Petru-Maior of Târgu-Mureş
  14. Vasile CICERESCU, Scientific Manager of Institute of International Relations of Republic of Moldova
  15. Natalia CUGLEŞAN, Research Assistant, “Altiero Spinelli” Centre for the Study of  European Governance “Babes-Bolyai” University of  Cluj-Napoca
  16. Nicolae DANDIŞ, Head of European Center, University of Cahul (Moldova)
  17. Anca DODESCU, Title holder of the "Jean Monnet" Module in Integration Economy
  18. Gabriela DRĂGAN, Head of European Institute of Roumanie, Bucharest
  19. Adrian FOGHIŞ, Project Manager Expert, Oradea Metropolitan Area
  20. Alberto GASPERINI, Head of Instituto di Sociologia Internazionale di Gorizia (Italy)
  21. Maria GAVANICI - PhD student, UBB Cluj-Napoca
  22. Adriana GIURGIU - Associate Professor, University of Oradea, Coordonator Module Jean Monnet
  23. Ana Maria GHIMIŞ - PhD student UBB Cluj-Napoca
  24. Alexandru ILIEŞ , Director of the Department of Geography and Territorial Planning, University of Oradea
  25. Mihai JURCA, Project Manager Expert, Oradea Metropolitan Area
  26. Anatolyi KRUGLASOV, Head of the Institute of European Integration and Regional Studies, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine
  27. Savvas KATSIKIDES, Professor “Jean Monnet”, University of Nicosia (Cyprus)
  28. Klára KZIRME, Department of Geography, University of Debrecen
  29. Eszter LANG, Director of the Marketing Department, Faculty of Economy, University of Debrecen
  30. Ariane LANDUYT, Professor, University of Siena, Head of Centro di Ricerca sull' Integrazione Europea dell' Universita di Siena
  31. Giuliana LASCHI, Head of Punto Europa, University of Bologna, Campus Forli
  32. Cristian MIHEŞ , Pro-Dean at Faculty of Law, University of Oradea
  33. Alina MOGOŞ -PhD student, UBB Cluj-Napoca
  34. Alina OROS, PhD student, UBB Cluj-Napoca
  35. Carlos PACECO-AMARAL, Departamento de História, Filosofia e Ciências Sociais, University of Asores (Portugal)
  36. Mykolia PALINCHAK, Head of Institute of Research of Central Europe, University of Uzshorod, Ukraine
  37. Mihaela PĂTRUŞ, PhD Faculty of Law, Head of Center of Juridical Sciences in Cross-border Cooperation, University of Oradea
  38. Cosmin POP- PhD student, UBB Cluj-Napoca
  39. Zsolt RADICS, Department of Geography, University of Debrecen
  40. Angelo SANTAGOSTINO, Professor “Jean Monnet”, University of Brescia
  41. Gyula SZABO, Department of Geography, University of Debrecen
  42. Maria Manuela TAVARES RIBEIRO, Head of Centro de Estudos Interdisciplinares do Seculo XX, Universidade de Coimbra
  43. Károly TEPERICS, Department of Geography, University of Debrecen
  44. Nicolae TODERAŞ , PhD Candidate at National School of Political and Administrative Sciences Bucharest
  45. Erno VARNAY, Title holder of the "Jean Monnet" Module in Community Law



  1. Association for the Independence of Justice, Bihor
  2. Bihor - Hajdu Bihar Euroregional Office
  3. Bihor County Council
  4. Carpathian Euro-region Foundation (Romanian Office)
  5. Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor
  6. Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hajdu - Bihar
  7. City Council of Debrecen
  8. City Council of Oradea
  9. Észak - Alföld Regional Development Agency
  10. Euro Régió Ház Debrecen / Debrecen Euro-region House
  11. Europe Direct Punto Europa di Forli
  12. Forum Foundation, Oradea
  13. Hajdu - Bihar County Council
  14. Local Council of SME's Oradea
  15. North Transylvania Regional Development Agency
  16. Oradea Office of HURO Cross Border Cooperations
  17. Romanian - Hungarian Border Communes Association
  18. School Inspectorate of Bihor County
  19. School Inspectorate of Satu-Mare County
  20. School of the Border Police, Oradea
  21. VATI (Hungarian Agency of Regional Development)
  22. Youth Forum for European Integration




The Institute for Euroregional Studies